Mission Statement


The dedicated members of the Peabody Fire Department have made it our mission to respond to fires, medical emergencies, disasters and terrorist acts, and protect the lives and property of Peabody residents and visitors. The Departments pursuit of public safety through its fire prevention, investigation and education programs give us the abilitiy to  make significant contributions to the safety of the citizens of Massachusetts and enhances our abilities to keep our homeland safe.

Who We Are


The Peabody Fire Department is made up of the Chief, 4 Deputy Chiefs, 10 Captains, 8 Lieutenants, 75 Firefighters,1 Training Officer,1 Fire Prevention Officer, 2 Fire Inspectors, 2 Fire Alarm Staff and 3 Adminstration Personel.


We respond to an average of 7500 calls per year, for fires, medical emergencies, hazardous materials incidents. natural and man made disasters, motor vehicle accidents and various other emergency and non-emergency situations.


Along with our incident responses we educate the public on fire prevention techniques to make their environment safer. We also go into schools to teach children all about fire safety.

The members of the  Peabody Fire Department  are more than just firefighters we are your neighbors, friends, coaches, community volunteers and so much more.